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Any type of device related to Android, not necessarily all smartphones.

Google Nexus Q home entertainment server

A slick, minimal, and versatile home entertainment server that integrates with DLNA and Android devices to provide fluency in home entertainment for users.

Google Nexus 7 low cost super-tablet

Just released at Google IO 2012, this tablet is made by Asus in conjunction with Google and will set the new standard of awesomeness in Android tablets.

Huawei IDEOS u8150, super affordable smartphone

Huawei IDEOS u8150.
image courtesy of Cellebellum

A competition-shattering bang-for-your-buck smartphone running Android 2.2 out of the box. Get the most out of Android on a tight budget.

Google Nexus One, the bringer of Android 2.0

Nexus One.
image courtesy of Sitio de Neto

The phone that brought Android 2.0 to the masses, but didn't quite earn the mass appeal expected. A collaboration between Google and HTC that became Android's 2nd reference device, a Developer Phone. Latest update is Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread).

HTC Wildfire, now running Android 2.2

HTC Wildfire.
image courtesy of HTC

Neat little phone, running sense, and recently updated to Android 2.2 - so it does wireless and USB tethering!