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Android Design in Action: Holo redesign challenge

AppDevManager redesign by Linden Darling
image courtesy of www.coreform.com.au

The design wizard Android Developer Advocates have put a challenge to the community to redesign their favourite (or any) app to be more in-tune with the latest design guidelines and the Holo theme. Check out the awesome work in the GooglePlus stream.

Path app dodges several class Privacy claims

Providing a lesson to businesses managing the development of apps to think carefully about user privacy.

Google release Chrome browser for iOs iPhone and iPad

As well as the big news of Chrome for Android, Google have just demoed Chrome browser on iOs, i.e. iPhone and iPad. This is big news for iOs users as they now have a real browser that works! Its also a big slap in the face to apple who recently ousted Google Maps from iOs in preference of apples own new, and somewhat lacklustre maps application. Chrome for iOd should be available later today.

Cellebellum is at Google IO 2012

google io 2012 keynote
image courtesy of cellebellum

We'll be posting the most impressive news and resources that google reveal during the conference. Stay tuned.

Nexus One update to Android 2.3.4 pushing out over OTA

Google's Nexus One.
image courtesy of Cellebellum

Google's Nexus One is due to receive an update to Android 2.3.4, however the update is lacking the Google Talk voice and video service that is going to be pushed to Nexus S devices for their 2.3.4 update. Lack of front-facing camera doesn't stop users turning the camera around really quickly between talking and listening, does it? A download of the update is available for those who can't handle the wait for OTA update to swing by.