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Citrix demoed on HP Touchpad, pitching WebOs well and truley at corporations' way

Frame from video
image courtesy of YouTube (marksalow)

HP do a hell of a lot of basking in the sunlight of corporation dollars, so ensuring WebOs fulfills some big needs for the business end of town is a wise move, especially with a ton of Windows based tablets to hit the market over the next year. HP have created an App for the Touchpad named Citrix Receiver, which allows users to choose which 'enterprise application' he/she wants to use. Another neat trick in doing this is that HP Software can put off updating the web frontend for a ton of legacy products that are somewhat IE6 concentric. Check the video at the 'Read more...' link (warning: video has horrible sound!).

Australia plays a part in the future of 3D devices: FaceAPI

Example of FaceAPI in action.
image courtesy of SeeingMachines

SeeingMachines, a company based in Canberra, Australia, have succeeded in lining up a few deals with some big name display and smartphone manufacturers to gain a royalty per shipped device that includes SeeingMachine's FaceAPI software.