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Microsoft hosting WP7 development workshops at Mix 2011, Las Vegas

HTC Mozart phone running WP7.
image courtesy of istartedsomething

Signs of more effort from Microsoft to encourage developers to commit to their Windows Phone 7 platform.

Photoshop Touch SDK reaches out to Android and iOS devs

A shot from one ot the showcase examples.
image courtesy of Android Central

Adobe have just released their Photoshop Touch SDK, which will hopefully allow much more than showcase examples.

Manage Android devices via Google Apps: security and contacts

New My Devices UI in Google Apps webapp.
image courtesy of Google

Google have released new functionality within Google Apps for business and education, specifically the ability to locate and reset a devices PIN, should you ever need to, and a new corporate contacts app. On top of that, honeycomb devices, such as the Motorola Xoom and many more tablets and phones to come, can be required to utilise the encryption feature only available since Android 3.0 (honeycomb).

Mono for Android v1.0 released, develop apps using .NET C#

Mono-android logo
image courtesy of http://mono-android.net/

Ushering in a whole swathe in potential new apps for Android Market.

RIM buys TinyHippo (HTML5 mobile app testing platform)

...and thus likely expediting support for RIM devices in near future within Ripple.