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Interesting Android related news articles.

Android SDK poster by Troodon Software

Its from 2012 so its a bit out-of-date by now, there's reference to now deprecated classes and none of the fancy new classes.

codelab: syncing Android app data with Google Drive

This codelab will walk you through the steps of using Google Drive APIs to sync data between instances of your app running on different devices.

whitepaper: Android Interprocess Communication using Binder

A deep look at the mechanism, particularly regarding security.

Android Assets Viewer: online QA tool for app graphics

Cellebellum.net hosts the brand new online tool for anlysing Android app graphical assets and sharing the results between developers and designers. Includes a Device View feature whereby graphical assets can be seen as though they are on the screen of a variety of Android devices, scaled according to each device's screen specs. Currently in BETA, try it out and let us know what you think!

Accessing embedded secure element in Android

Nelenkov discusses the technology and current situation with Android regarding secure elements.