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Interesting Android related news articles.

Android Kickstartr boilerplate service

AndroidKickstartR helps you to quickly create a well configured Android application using the most popular libraries. It creates and configures your project for you.

Android-Holo-Colors online asset generator

Handy webapp that customises Android Holo theme graphics to the colour you specify.

MWR Labs' Mercury Framework: Android Security Testing

A useful tool for security researchers, pen testers, and QAs/Devs looking to reach deeper in testing their Apps. The framework provides an easy means to access and consume activities, broadcast receivers, content providers and services - without the hassle of writing your own App. Also features a modular attack/payload mechanism. Note: not to be confused with HP (Mercury) testing tools!

Testdroid cloud or intranet based automated testing suite for Android

Testdroid provides an Eclipse plugin with which App usage can be recorded, these scripts can then be deployed to run on multiple devices either via Testdroid cloud service or an internally hosted Testdroid server. Testdroid cloud/server will deploy and run the test scripts, record logs, screenshots, statistics, and more to provide a whopping amount of testing results fast.

Mark Murphy on multiple pages in a ViewPager in Android

Mark Murphy discusses some ways to achieve multiple pages in a ViewPager in Android.