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Interesting Android related news articles.

Android Security Evaluation Framework by Qualys

Qualys has released a pretty comprehensive open-source security testing framework for Android. The framework also has some side-effects of automatically performing some test cases that would typically fall within the functional test category. The framework is designed to analyse quantities of apps, so should be useful for security analysts and pentesters to get a lot of work done faster.

Smartphone Pentest Framework open-source security tool

A set of perl scripts with a console as well as web frontend and Android app console. At the moment the tool has an Android agent, with iOS and Blackberry agents in the works. There's also a forum setup by the tool's creator to foster community involvement.

Andy Rubin's slide pack on Android Best Practices in 2012

An up-to-date look at the best way to do common things in Android.

Tom Eston slidepack on Android vs. iOS security showdown

Slidepack from his webinar

FluidUI free html5 UI prototyping tool

features various UI component libraries including iOS, android, androud 4.0, and android tablet.