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Android News

Interesting Android related news articles.

Android ICS wireframe stencil pack on WireframeSketcher

A handy pack of premade stencils, useful for those that need to wireframe specifically in the context of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Android fragmentation visualised

Awesome visualisation of Android statistics. May prove to be excellent ammunition when trying to persuade decision makers that Android development needs a little more time and budget than iOS development.

Android UI Anti-Patterns on Google+

A Google+ page focussing on uncovering and discussing anti-patterns and notable patterns in Android UI/UX design.

Android Niceties on Tumblr

A collection of screenshots of well designed Android Apps.

Theresa Neil's Mobile Design Pattern Gallery

A nice, in-depth UI and UX design pattern gallery that accompanies Theresa Neil's book on the subject.