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iOS News

Interesting iOS related news.

Big problems in validation of SSL certificates in non-browser software

SSL certificate validation is completely broken in many security-critical applications and libraries, largely due to badly designed APIs of SSL implementations and data-transport libraries which present developers with a confusing array of settings and options.

Adding symbolic breakpoints in XCode

An often overlooked feature.

Smartphone Pentest Framework open-source security tool

A set of perl scripts with a console as well as web frontend and Android app console. At the moment the tool has an Android agent, with iOS and Blackberry agents in the works. There's also a forum setup by the tool's creator to foster community involvement.

TippingPoint blog post on reverse engineering iPhone AppStore binaries

Q brief post on some challenges and tricks to reverse engineering iPhone AppStore binaries.

iOS hardware information spreadsheet by Chris Miles

handy summary of iOS hardware info per device. Useful for systems architects, developers, and designers.