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Deep-linking to Google Plus from mobile apps

Using the GooglePlus mobile SDKs, you can integrate the Share dialog and embed a deep-link ID with your post. The deep-link ID may be a URI or an identifier that your app can use across its supported platforms, to identify the correct context to launch in your app.

Steerway's Android section helps you find tips, libraries, and collections

Steerway is a new site that lets you share and discover tips for your favorite topics. Some bright spark has opened an Android section and its growing with useful content.

Google Drive Site Publishing goes live

A feature of Drive which may see massive adoption involving the movement of much of the web's static data to Google Drive. Also, of course, a great way to store and serve mobile content.

DwellableTrends write up about some Android image tricks

Discussion on typical issues and solutions, in the context of a fancy gallery app project.

Common Android development problems and their solution

Things are not always working as they should during your Android development. This section gives an overview over typical problems and how to solve them. By Lars Vogel.