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Android fragmentation visualised

Awesome visualisation of Android statistics. May prove to be excellent ammunition when trying to persuade decision makers that Android development needs a little more time and budget than iOS development.

Android UI Anti-Patterns on Google+

A Google+ page focussing on uncovering and discussing anti-patterns and notable patterns in Android UI/UX design.

Usable error message presentation in the World Wide Web

A white paper discussing findings that suggest that inline feedback regarding form validation is not as important as a summary of validation feedback upon submission. Lindo: The idea that inline feedback should replace on-submit validation and feedback is absurd, by the way.

Android Niceties on Tumblr

A collection of screenshots of well designed Android Apps.

Theresa Neil's Mobile Design Pattern Gallery

A nice, in-depth UI and UX design pattern gallery that accompanies Theresa Neil's book on the subject.