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Gantter: free cloud-based project scheduling

This should be handy!

Android Assets Viewer: online QA tool for app graphics

Cellebellum.net hosts the brand new online tool for anlysing Android app graphical assets and sharing the results between developers and designers. Includes a Device View feature whereby graphical assets can be seen as though they are on the screen of a variety of Android devices, scaled according to each device's screen specs. Currently in BETA, try it out and let us know what you think!

Accessing embedded secure element in Android

Nelenkov discusses the technology and current situation with Android regarding secure elements.

AppBrain's Apptimizer: online Android app assessment tool

Do you want to generate more downloads? The AppBrain Apptimizer investigates key aspects that influence your app's popularity and suggests concrete actions when weaknesses are detected.

how Google used HTML5 to JAM with Chrome

A case study on using HTML5 to make browser-based audio applications.